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Hello! My name is Agueda Dueñas and I am seeking your support to join the Portobello HOA Board. I joined Portobello in March 2020 and have been an active member since then. I attend most meetings in person where I provide thoughts and feedback to the board and membership in order to help improve our community while challenging the ways in which we spend our limited funds. My goal as a board member will be to continue to do just that- continue to look for creative approaches to solving our issues while watching our bottom line.While I have not served on a board previously, professionally, I am in Human Resources. I work to find efficient business solutions on a daily basis, a skill that I am certain will transfer well into this role. If elected for the board, my goals will include improving finances, finalizing governing documents, supporting our on-going lawsuit and working with the board and membership to establish a concise list of actionable and attainable priorities. I hope I can count on your support as we work collectively to improve our beautiful community!