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My name is Alfred Paz and I hereby declare candidacy for the Orbela Homeowners Association Board to represent the vested interests of ALL homeowners. Orbela is a beautiful place to live and if elected I look forward to working well with the other board members, management team, and friends/acquaintances in the neighborhood to continue making Orbela a wonderful community. My wife and I have been a homeowner at Orbela since 2014 and we enjoy and value our community. I am presently semi-retired and work part time for Durham School Services. My previous work experience was an Assistant Warehouse Management. I have an interest in the neighborhood, improvements, and vision for a safe, clean, attractive community. The only constant is change, and the board must plan for Orbela’s future. This involves determining long-range needs and establishing long-term goals, along with implementing a strategy to attain those goals. My goal is to adopt a long-term vision to achieve consistency and uniformity around the property while increasing property value. Achieving this requires effectively communicating with residents. More than anything else, I will always put the interests of the community first. I would like to be involved in this planning and help maintain the financial well-being of our HOA. It will be a challenging year ahead and I so appreciate your support!