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Hello fellow association members, my name is Amando Miller. I am delighted to announce my candidacy for the Portobello HOA board. I enjoy working with others and greatly value a strong community of neighbors.About myself – I am an East Bay native that grew up in Fremont and Livermore, I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, and settled in Oakland after graduating. In late 2020 my spouse and I purchased our first home here at Portobello and were excited to get involved with the community.About my experience- I have worked in the electric vehicle and solar industries; I care a lot about walkable and bikeable communities, and preparing for climate change. Throughout my career, I have a lot of experience working with outside vendors and construction contractors. I plan to leverage this experience while reviewing work we plan to have done and hold contractors accountable to what they promise. I am also an active Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member with the City of Oakland and have received training on how to prepare and respond during natural and man made disasters. With the Portobello community so far, I’ve been involved with the CMAT and Social Committees; researching grant funding for infrastructure projects in the complex including higher efficiency hot water boilers, researching and surveying the complex around EV charging opportunities and informing the board and broader community on the options we have, and restarting social events post-pandemicAs a board member, I want to help foster an active community so that we can work together to overcome many challenges we face: safety, security, cleanliness, staying on budget, rebuilding our reserve funds, adopting new rules and bylaws to be in compliance with state law, and have our community be prepared for emergencies. I hope to continue my CMAT work on infrastructure improvements to our wonderful complex to install EV charging and replace building equipment that is near or at the end of life, taking full advantage of grant programs that allow us to do more with our limited budget. To help grow a stronger community network at Portobello, I would also like to organize more frequent social events so that we get to know each other more and find ways to help each other out as neighbors.I would be honored to have your vote and serve you and the community.