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I am Anish Patel, current HOA Board member, and candidate for re-election to our Board. I have enjoyed my time on our Board, as Treasurer, and would appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve our community. During these past three years the Board has collectively worked hard to make right decisions for the community. Our Board had to deal with challenging issues such as parking, landscape, security, and overall budget but in the end, we have each worked to the benefit of the entire community.Our Board has been involved in making numerous decisions over the past three years, whether personnel, contracts, or how to spend our money. The financial decisions we have made account for about $1M for the course of the past three years, between daily operations and replacement fund expenditures! Additionally, I have worked closely with the Board and Associa to manage our expenses, finance, budget, invoices, and vendors. I take great pride as your Treasurer in championing fiscal conservatism and accountability. One of the most important impacts from my end is to reduce the monthly HOA dues from $265 per month to $200 per month by conducting a detailed review of HOA financials. I feel confident that we will be able to further reduce the HOA dues based on our findings and projected expenses. Along with community financials, we would like to work towards improving the community’s experience with the current community management firm.My professional experience in capital expenditure management and community service have prepared me for this very important role as a member of our HOA Board. I commit to continue to work hard with all Board members for the greater good of all Enclave residents. I take my fiduciary responsibility seriously to make honest, thoughtful decisions on all matters that come before the Board, regardless of any personal interests. That being said, I request for your vote for the upcoming HOA board election.Thank You. Anish