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My family and I have been coming to Arnold since I was a teenager. My children learned to ski at Mt. Reba. We purchased our home in Lilac Park in 2013. Our grandchildren now visit us in the summer, the fourth generation in Arnold. I have been on the board of our HOA for the past two years and presently the Vice President. I have been your CalFire Volunteer in Prevention for the past four years. I have contributed many volunteer hours over the past 9 years; painting the bus stop, clearing the common area of downed trees and brush, providing firewood for disadvantaged HOA members and helping members clean their lots to be compliant with California’s PRC4291. My platform consists of three legs: • The first is fiscal responsibility and solvency. Our reserves have been neglected. Our reserves are like our savings account to pay for repairs and replacement of our HOA buildings and equipment. Our reserve funding is at the very low level of 12% (due to keeping our dues low), where the industry norm is around 60%. • The second leg of my platform relates to the temperature of the pool. Having spoken with many people, the reason they don’t use the pool is that it is too cold. The pool temperature should be around 80 degrees Fahrenheit to be comfortable. By adding more efficient solar heating we can achieve that temperature and more people will use the pool. Rather than use HOA funds, I plan to mount a fund-raising campaign among pool users for the project. My wife and I will contribute matching funds. We estimate the cost for this improvement will be under $5,000. • The third leg relates to having a peaceful and tranquil community for our neighborhood. There is no need for the recent anti-social actions of a few. I will work diligently to understand whatever grievances there may be and help protect our homeowners against any anti-social behavior or actions. I look forward to continue to serve the homeowners of Arnold Lilac Park Regards, Bruce Manildi