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I have been a TH Resident since the beginning of TH’s time, which would make it my 4th year @ lovely Tassajara Hills! I have gotten to know many of you, either on my walks on the trail (yes, I’m the one carrying those bar-bells) or at a visit to each other’s homes/events. What I gathered from each of our meetings is that we all want the same thing for TH:1. Safety First: We want our place of residence to be safe and peaceful. We must have a dynamic and vibrant community which is well informed and looks out for its members!2. Fiscally responsible: We want an HOA board that places a premium on fiscal responsibility. The Board must use reasonable judgment to balance the needs of the community while controlling costs. Setting proper budgets and then staying within budgets will help deliver value for our HOA funds.3. Home values: Our homes are a reflection of our pride of ownership. It’s important that we try and elevate TH’s reputation in the East Bay so that we maintain and increase home values.4. Fiduciary: You should have high expectations of the Board members since they are fiduciaries to the HOA. In this context, developing and implementing common sense rules will allow the HOA to help build trust and foster a positive perspective in the community.Fellow residents, if these points resonate with you, please vote for me. I am confident that I can bring a practical and pragmatic approach to this voluntary role with integrity, dignity and decorum. With this, I hope you will cast your vote in my favor.