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I have had the pleasure of serving on the Normandy Board for the past two years. During that time the board has resolved a number of significant issues confronting the association and has made great progress on others. Some of the highlights are outlined below:1. Secured a qualified contractor to perform mandated sewer testing avoiding significant fines. 2. Successfully negotiated with the contractor to phase the project over five years to avoid a substantial special assessment to owners. 3. Completed Phase I of the sewer project on time, $18,000 under budget with very minimal disruption to the neighborhood. 4. Recruited, interviewed, negotiated and secured a more responsive and customer service focused management company at a rate very favorable to the association. 5. Installed performance measures into the agreement for landscape services in order to track work quality and to increase accountability. 6. Clarified and streamlined budget accounts to more clearly define their intended purpose. 7. Began developing plans to address the failing infrastructure including, street lighting and resurfacing as well as irrigation. 8. Began the process to address the appearance of front yards.This board of volunteers has worked very hard to ensure that every decision included resident input and was considered in open meetings. They have observed all the required guidelines associated with the community review process.A great deal of progress has been made in addressing significant issues that were ignored for years. I am therefore asking for your support to allow me to continue serving as we still have a number of challenges facing the association. My professional background has provided me with over 30 years experience in administering budgets, supervising staff, managing large capital projects and working with groups supporting opposing opinions. It is my goal to continue to move the Normandy community forward and to keep providing a high quality of life for all residents, not just the special interests of a few.I thank you for your consideration.Dale Lillard