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Hello Montego Family,Jack, Roxanne, and I, along with the the help of many of you, have worked to keep our monthly costs as low as possible. Jack’s direction and leadership has lowered our building insurance cost, and with better coverage. Jack has elected not to seek another term on the board this time, his plate is full. I suspect he will remain an active participant in the community, but wants some time to address other matters for now.Scott and Charles have been a great asset to our community, helping with on-site maintenance on a daily basis. We are grateful for their active participation in everything that may come up. We have all benefited from their residing at Montego.Working to manage our collective money, I will continue to find cost effective methods for necessary repairs, working to be good stewards of our shared funds. Our operational costs are high with only 11 units, and my plan is to continue to keep those costs low by managing how we spend our resources. We have nearly replaced all of the parking garage lighting with LED lamps as the old bulbs require replacement. We did that as part of regular maintenance costs, and did not incur the 25k vendors wanted to do the same. We have recently explored hallway light fixture replacement, and found success there in the same fashion.Upcoming changes to the building include a new access control system, already funded and in the process. We are also bringing access to security cameras, so you can be made aware of who is around the building via the internet when you choose.We each contribute 250 dollars a month to our reserve account, just about 20 percent of our monthly dues to fund future repairs. That account continues to build, and we are judicious about how those funds are utilized.We have an account with about 130k of unrestricted funds received from the builder’s insurance policy, to repair or update items that we agree require attention. We are working to use those funds as you determine. I think that should be an owner’s choice, and a collective vote on how to use this money.My approach and process is inclusive, working to reach out to owners and residence to resolve problems, instead of written letters, notices, fines, and warnings. I think we are all neighbors, and can generally come to terms when we have issues or concerns with each other. I believe letters are a last resort. I would rather track down your family to ask about a car parked in the wrong spot than tow it out of the parking garage. I think we all benefit from this approach with each other. I always say we are an extended family, and on occasion have disputes about who left the toilet seat up, or a mess on the rooftop barbecue, but generally care for each other and each others families.We are all collectively owners of a great property in Oceanside, and I will work to keep it that way, with your help and support. If you agree, I would appreciate your vote.Devin Birch