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Dear Board of Directors/Nomination Committee and Residents : My name is Devin Wesley, I’d humbly ask you to consider my application to join the DTLB Lofts Association Board. I can contribute many years of diversified and targeted experience because I’ve spent 15+ years in a customer-facing leadership positions, 10+ years in IT, and I’m currently an Engineer at a prestigious national and international cybersecurity corporation.  I feel confident that I can add tremendous value to any open officer position of the board.  As a member of our community, I’d like to work with the rest of the Board to identify gaps or other areas we can strengthen while identifying common goals for the benefit of all our residents.  Working within and managing a security focused data center team, I know I can also add value by moving projects or concerns along within a timely and efficient way.  I am objective and can triage and bridge gaps as it is presented to us, whether we need to take action or not.  The goal is to keep residents happy while enforcing the values and vision of the Board.   Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Devin