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Candidate Statement by Diane Tindall I have lived in Orbela for over 10 years, and I am very grateful for our beautiful and peaceful community. If elected to the Board, I look forward to working with the Board members and residents to address issues of importance to us all. – Evaluate long term costs. Identify what costs are likely to rise in the short and long term so that actions can be taken to provide for such increases and avoid any extra one-time assessments. – Determine places where costs can be cut, such as saving water by replacing certain grassy areas, like the circle at the entrance, with succulent or drought resistant plants. – Increase communication between the Board and residents by keeping residents informed about major decision items and encouraging residents’ input. – Secure the access area at the east end of Jolly Roger. Determine if we can place a gate/fence at this area so that in the future traffic can not enter from the car wash area or the empty lot which will be residences.