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I am humbly asking for your vote in order to serve a second term on the East Garrison Community Association’s board of directors. Many of you have expressed concern about the current state of the neighborhood: problems with landscaping and irrigation, a chronically understaffed management company, and multiple breakdowns in the provision of other services. I am also very concerned about the how the HOA has been run. Until last year’s election we had a developer majority board. We have been slowly evolving to a board represented by homeowners. But there are still multiple challenges in terms of how we deliver services to homeowners.With over 900 single family and townhomes, managing East Garrison is a difficult task. HOAs are nonprofit, mutual benefit organizations designed explicitly to manage planned housing developments. I believe that I have the background and qualifications needed to improve the services homeowners receive from the East Garrison HOA. I have worked in nonprofit organizations and hold two graduate degrees in fields related to management, community organizing, and public policy. I have taught university classes in nonprofit management and community organization and was regarded as an expert in my field.In the last year, membership of the board has undergone a huge changeover. Currently, we have only one developer representative on the board and have started to make changes that benefit homeowners. In the last few months:– We have gone out for bid on the landscaping contract and have hired a new company that will start on September 1st.– We are reviewing contracts currently held by the HOA (including both parking and management) and are looking at a range of options for improving these services. These options could include a change in contractors.– We are examining methods for increasing input from homeowners in HOA decision-making. I personally would like to have board meetings that allow for some degree of dialogue between board members and homeowners. (The “open comment” period is counter-productive and disrespectful of meeting participants).I am fully committed to making sure that we have services that work for all community members and that we have a neighborhood in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect!!! Please elect me to a second term on the East Garrison HOA board.