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I believe that Village Station is is a friendly neighborhood. Everyone that I have met here is very nice. Hopefully we can encourage get-togethers so that we can meet each other and develop some neighborhood cohesiveness. From my experience with HOAs in the past, I’ve found this to be important. Of all the issues we face, a couple that concern me are: 1) Security- Among other things, we need to make sure that the gate that is to be installed at the south end of the access road cannot be breached with bolt cutters. Besides keeping out intruders, it should end the litter left along the road by over-nighters. When Blue Mountain finishes the build-out we will lose leverage to have things like this done properly. 2) Efficiency in landscape maintenance and irrigation. This accounts for more than 40% of our operating costs. I think our landscaper is doing a good job. We just need to monitor these things. I’m sure that our HOA Board will be diligent and conscientious.