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Hi Neighbor! I’m disappointed to share that things are not well at Normandy as the current Board President (Dale Lillard) has made them out to be. (PLEASE CLICK ON VIEW CANDIDATE STATEMENT above for my photo & more about me!)Our 169 homes contribute $456,300 a year to Normandy. Is it clear to you HOW & WHERE our funds are spent? Have you ever seen or met the people that spend our $456,300 a year? Are they a VISIBLE presence at HOA/Board meetings? In our community? At our social events? Do you have a sense of who they are? How they make decisions? Do you leave HOA meetings confused, your questions unanswered, & still unclear about what’s happening?5/22 SUNDAY at 1pm our Normandy Social Committee is hosting a light lunch on the large green grass area in front of the pool. Bring a lawn chair & your favorite beverage. I would enjoy meeting & hearing what you have to share in order to shape our community into what we ALL want, a community of true democracy. You will also have the opportunity to meet my friend & other candidate running for Board of Directors: JEFF HENDERSON! 🙂5/13 FRIDAY at 6pm – Happy Hour on Millington! Let’s chat! 6/10 FRIDAY at 6pm – Happy Hour on Bordwell! Let’s make it a Happy Friday!** 6/3 FRIDAY Ballots go out for you to VOTE!! **