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I have lived in the Rancho Santa Fe Vista community for 16 years. My wife and I raised two kids who attended OPE, Diegueno, and LCC/SDA and were heavily involved in the community through sports and academic tutoring. Both our kids are now attending UCSD. I am a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and currently lead sales and operations for a solar technology company here in North County that is providing the latest advanced solar power solutions for satellites and missions to the moon. I have led large global teams as a senior executive over my career and have traveled the world extensively for business and pleasure. After all my trips nothing was better than arriving back in North County and our community. To help develop community relations I started the Rancho Santa Fe Vista Annual Invitational Golf tournament, and this year will be our 5th annual tournament. Yes, this tournament even survived the COVID years. What started out as a small tournament between Avenida Josefa, Avenida La Posta and Avenida Mimosa has now grown to include teams from almost the entire RSFV community as well as neighboring communities. We will have 52 players (max tournament size for Encinitas Ranch Golf Course) this year competing for the Avenida Cup and more importantly socializing with the extended neighborhood both at the golf tournament and the after-tournament celebration. This has been a great way for our neighbors to meet more of the community and establish new friendships in a friendly competition. I recently volunteered for the landscape committee as a member at large and have been supporting that group for the last few months including the most recent brush abatement walk through with the Deputy Fire Marshall. My goal in joining this committee was to get involved in the large amount of common area landscape projects and gain a better understanding of costs, budgets and priorities to maintain our extensive common area. Furthermore, in February of this year when the HOA asked for a volunteer to fill a vacated board seat I volunteered and formally joined the board in March 2022 even though the position was temporary and up for re-election. I have lead large global teams in my career in sales, finance, and operations. I am very experienced with teamwork, team collaboration, finances and budgeting, prioritizing and executing complex projects and above all else communication. Ensuring robust communication between Walters, the Board and our homeowners and trying to get more homeowners involved in our HOA and community is a priority. I am committed to representing our community and ALL of our homeowners to maintain and improve our wonderful Rancho Santa Fe Vista neighborhood. Respectfully, Jason Wilson