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My husband and I have owned 544 Deep Rose Place, where our son resides, since 2020. I am running to be on the Board of Village Station because I know from experience that at the time the developer turns over the management of the HOA to the owners is a very important time. This is when the framework for operating the Board is put in place and it sets the tone how the Board and residents interact; CC&R enforcement; maintenance of the development; etc. I’ve served on the board of the Knockash Hill HOA in San Francisco when the developer relinquished the management of the HOA to the homeowners and am familiar with the challenges a new Board faces. I’ve also served on the Board of the Park Villas HOA in Sonoma. Some of the challenges that the Board will face are things like getting the developer to return for punch list items or deliverance of promised items such as street lights and examening contracts with vendors that the developer had entered into on behalf of Village Station for suitability. It is important that the HOA re-evaluates reserves to cover high cost items such as maintaining the private streets in Village Station. None of us want to be hit with a hefty Special Assessment because the HOA did not plan adequately for big ticket items.