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I am running because I want change. Those of us that have gotten involved and taken an interest in our HOA agree there are some red flags: finances, no preventive maintenance, landscaping and irrigation problems, pool in shambles, etc.HOA meetings still remain virtual, and requests to meet in person don’t get acknowledged. When you try to ask questions at our monthly HOA Zoom meetings you’re told you can’t ask questions and are muted.We home owners pay our HOA fees and yet we have no visibility in how our money is spent. The word ‘financials’ is a part of the HOA monthly agenda that goes something like this: “Is there a motion to approve the financials?” “Yes, I make a motion to approve the financials.” “Is there a second?” “I second”. HOA Board member: “Great, financials are approved.” HOA home owner attendee: ‘Umm..what are we approving, can we see the financials”? HOA Board: “There is no talking and asking questions at this time, let’s move on to the next agenda item.”This is just one example. Enough. Normandy home owners deserve more. Our current HOA Board doesn’t listen. Our small window of time with them each month has been diluted to Zoom: without video on, audio only.Vote for change.