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Parkland Townhomes HOA Board of Directors Candidate Statement Name: Jeff Xiaohu Meng Address: 11331 Elliott Ave, El Monte, CA 91732 Email: Phone: 626-615-0091 Employer: Charter Spectrum Occupation: Business Owner A. Goals and Objectives for the Board of Directors: Maintaining a mutually beneficial living environment. Asks home owners to cooperate with their neighbors to create and maintain an enjoyable living environment that promotes health, safety and welfare of all. Maintain the community’s open space, common facilities and property; and protects and enhances the value of the properties within the Parkland Townhomes Community. B. Community Association Experience: 1. President of the Board of Directors of the Rowland Heights Villa HOA C. Civic Organizations and Positions Held: 1. President of the Board of Directors of the Rowland Heights Villa HOA 2. Vice President of Nankai University Alumni Association of Southern California 3. Vice president of Chinese Student and Scholar Association of University of Wyoming 4. Team leader of Chinese Outdoor Mountain Climbing and Hiking Group of Los Angeles. D. State why you should be elected to the board of Directors: I have been an owner of the property for over 15 years. I also have the previous experience of serving community HOA before. I hold several positions of Sothern California Chinese Associations. If I’m elected, I want to get to know our neighbors. I will enjoy building community and take pride in the place we live. I put our community’s best interest first and seek to build long-term value for our community, both socially and financially.