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It’s been a busy two years that I have served on your Board of Directors as Treasurer. For me, it has been challenging and rewarding – challenging in terms of learning about my role as Treasurer and dealing with a physical plant in need of renovation along with new resources. My experience has also been rewarding in terms of working with a competent and dedicated Board, a responsive management company, and the great owners and tenants in our community. I’m running for re-election to help govern in a time of great need along with vital additional resources. These resources must be expended in a competent and focused manner. It’s no secret that the challenges we face are significant and our collective effort will shape our future as a community. If elected, I will serve as a diligent and collaborative member of a Board. In addition, it would be an honor to work with a community that is forward looking, congenial and committed to making Marina Bay Northshore an exemplary community. We have made significant strides and there is much that remains to be done.Thank you. Jim