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Hello, My name is Jonathan “JC” Cabrieto and I’m running as a Board member. Prior to buying our condo at the Newberry Lofts, my partner and I lived at a condo in the East Village neighborhood in Long Beach. My partner Owen was the president of the HOA then. Through osmosis, I learned a lot about the role of the Board Members and that of the HOA management company. I also became familiar with building maintenance schedules and what should be included on the maintenance list. Furthermore, we are also active with the HOA of our condo in Catalina Island. Another relevant item I want to mention is that I studied architecture. I am familiar how buildings are put together, as well as building materials. We bought our condo in Newberry Lofts in June of 2018. Since I have lived here going on for 4 years now, I have witnessed improvements made to the building, inside and out. On the other hand, a handful of things that were brought up in the past have never materialized. It’s been a concern of mine as to why it takes so much time for things to get done around here. As an elected Board member, my top priority is our building security; to vastly improve the interior appeal of the common areas of the building, stream line communications between Allstate management company, the owners and renters; and plan and execute improvement projects with set dates of completion. I would assist the Board to make our building a comfortable and esthetically beautiful place to live, while adhering to budget and cost. I hope you will vote for me. Thank you.