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My name is Kevin Chau, and I am running to become a Board Member of our HOA at Newberry Lofts. Being actively present at Newberry is essential to know what’s going on. My husband Giovanni and I are the owners of Unit 301 and have an active residency at the building. You may recognize us daily as the proud parents of two French Bulldogs. While I have never been a Board member of any HOA, I have managerial experience from my employment as a laboratory supervisor for UCLA and CSU Los Angeles. Managing a loft building requires a commitment to meetings, facilitating building code inspections, communicating amongst the Board/HOA/homeowners, and following through on inquiries, cost estimates, and projects that have started. Because the position of a Board member is not obligatory by financial reward, it requires the willingness of individuals to dedicate extra time and off-hours to go above checking the boxes when convenient. I AM ONE of these individuals. Yes, I have a full-time job, but that will not stop me from doing what needs to be done. I am not the kind of person to be a Board member to maximize my gains with convincingness; it’s about making the best for our shared community so that all can enjoy home and see its investment improve over time. Regarding communication, I am readily seen around the building and cordial to other homeowners and renters. I am always open to communication, whether a casual chat or a vital concern. No doubt that if a critical issue arises, it will be addressed within 24hrs and communicated promptly to all necessary parties. Finally, I am not about community drama. Whoever may be elected as fellow Board members, I will work with them to fulfill the needs of the building. The current status of the building is not good. There are concerns about safety regarding an unfixed, damaged garage gate. Our facility has suffered from package and bike theft. There are concerns about homeless, trash, and urination around the entryways of our building. There are also concerns about the aging state of the building’s interior walls. Lastly, there are concerns that our facility lacks amenities that would significantly improve our community’s use of leisure and relaxation. These concerns, while important, need to be prioritized and actionable with the highest consideration to our building’s financials and prudent reserves. We cannot refuse to fix the building while taking in people’s monthly HOA. And we cannot fix everything all at once. I would work within this compromise. If you are unhappy with Newberry’s current state or feel that Newberry needs a little more like other neighboring condos, please vote for me. I will do my best to get your concerns addressed. Please do not hesitate to say hi if you see me. I want the best for this building and look forward to improving this building so that you can be proud and happy to be home.