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Hello Boulevard Neighbors! My name is Kevin Hom and I am running for the Boulevard MOA Board. I am longtime resident of Dublin, moving here in 2012 and a graduate of Dublin High (Go Gaels!). I’ve watched the Boulevard community slowly grow, and even remember when the entire community was still apart of Camp Parks. After High School, I attended the University of Southern California, during which I served in numerous leadership positions in various organizations such as the Trojan Real Estate Association and Zeta Phi Rho, I returned to Dublin and began my career as a Realtor and Retail Real Estate Consultant. In addition to these positions, I also previously served as an Airport Property Manager at the San Jose Airport, where I received extensive training in the implementation of security measures and customer service, as well as garnering experience in a bureaucratic governmental environment (and how to simplify it). Upon my return to my hometown, I became a Boulevard neighbor in 2020, enticed by the amazing amenities, suburban-urban feel, walkable streets, sense of community, and easy access to transportation and parks. However, over the past 2 years, I’ve been slightly disillusioned by uncourteous Rec Center staff, safety concerns, and overregulation that our community has faced, prompting me to seek a position on the HOA Board. I believe that my Real Estate and leadership experience enables me to provide unique insights in how the HOA can better serve our residents by: 1) Maintaining the aesthetic character of the neighborhood in terms of built environment and landscaping. 2) Cutting through bureaucratic red tape and simplify processes in order to better serve our residents. 3) Improving safety and security. 4) Ensuring that all service staff and vendors are treating Boulevard neighbors with courtesy and respect. 5) Fostering a greater sense of community through planned Community Gatherings and participation. 6) Ensuring that the HOA is operating and spending with integrity and transparency. In striving to accomplish these six tenets, I believe that the HOA can improve the quality of life for all Boulevard Neighbors, as well as keeping our property values high and protecting our investments. Thank you for your consideration.