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Qualifications: ON-SITE OWNER since 2000, Past TDS Board Pres, VP, Secretary and Director. TDS Board 2009-2013 & 2015-2021 Attendance Record 6 TOTAL meetings Missed while on and off the board! B.A. Journalism/Advertising. Spearheaded at TDS: Roofing Project 2012 (fruition 2014), Neighborhood Watch, Laundry room Re-fresh w/Frontload washer’s w/Laundry Cards increasing ENERGY-EFFICIENCY & community convenience, increased evening PARKING patrol 2011-2012 revised parking stickers/rules significantly increasing compliance. Watching out for my neighbors and alerting police totaling 4 Arrests of NON-RESIDENTS (Theft, Drugs & Warrants). TDS Current Issues: Increasing CRIME 4/14/22 SHOOTING AT TDS heard and caught on my security camera which police viewed minutes after incident, trip hazards and ADA Safety & Compliance, OWNERS and TENANTS needing help understanding the Rules and CC&R’s as many are unaware leading to AVOIDABLE violations and community tension, Laundry Room Vandalism, Board Transparency, Finances, Inconsistency in HOA meetings dates & times, HOA website not user-friendly and Homeless taking our unsecured recyclables costing us income. So if Meeting Attendance, Property Knowledge and an On-site board member available for emergencies appeals to you lets work together…Thank you!