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Hello, my name is Kim Sandoval and I am seeking your vote to continue to be on the Home Owners Association Board of Directors.I have resided in Copperhill for over 18 years and have served as your HOA President since October of 2019. Not only am I a resident, but I also make it a point to be an involved member of the community and actively engage with other residents & homeowners to build relationships and also hear their concerns. It’s important to me to ensure I represent the voice of the community in all my discussions and decisions as a board member.Additionally, I walk the property on a regular basis to identify areas which require attention or repairs and communicate regularly with the landscapers or Common Interest to resolve. During my tenure on the board, I have had the opportunity to be part of some key initiatives to improve our community including roof replacements, pool repairs and landscaping enhancements to mention a few. Not only have I been a part of those initiatives, I have taken an active role in ensuring scope of work and budgets are adhered to. Consequently, I identified a material and cost discrepancy which resulted in getting premium roofing shingles at no extra costs. When we faced issues with the previous landscapers, I proactively worked with Common Interest to identify new landscapers and ensure that payments are not made until work is successfully completed.Copper Hill is over 20 years old and requires maintenance, enhancements and repairs necessary to continue to thrive and remain a wonderful place to live. To achieve that goal, my commitment to you is that I will continue to be an advocate & champion for the homeowners and ensure I am making sound & financially thoughtful decisions based on what is in the best interest of the community. Thank you in advance for your consideration.