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I have been asked to run for the HOA Board Election. Before I respectfully ask for your vote and support, please allow me to share with you some thoughts and who I am. The near-term goals of both the East Garrison Residence and Century Builders is to complete the Town Center and remaining homes. With over 29 years’ experience in the building and real estate industries, I have the experience to work with the developer (speaking their language) while representing my neighbors. My early construction career was with a developer, and I am raising my family in East Garrison. My career has had me negotiate, revise and author hundreds of contracts and budgets. Improvement projects are one of my passions. It is important that you are heard and understood. Do you want HOA Board members that are equipped with the right experience and mind set to navigate this period so important to the future quality of life here in East Garrison? My goal as an HOA Board member is to do exactly that. I am looking for your vote so I can use my experience and local relationships to bring about the results that are optimal to you, your household and our community. Thank you so much for your consideration.