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Hey Neighbors!My name is Lesli Kohout and my husband, Dave, and I are one of the original owners at the Montego. We purchased in 2011 and moved in full-time in June of 2012. I LOVE it here! As most of you know, we recently did a full renovation on our unit so we aren’t going anywhere. I have managed this project for a year. This is our primary home and we spend most of our time here.I never really considered running for the HOA Board before. I’ve always been more of a “squeaky wheel” when I see something that needs to be done. I feel like it is now time to step up and do my part. I would love to see this grand place back in prime condition with regular maintenance done in a quality and timely manner.What you can expect from me should you choose to vote for me is regular communication, honesty, and integrity. If I don’t know an answer I will use the resources available as well as do any necessary research to learn what needs to be done. Because we live here full time, I notice things that need attention very quickly. Prompt attention to things like gas leaks, water leaks, etc. is crucial. I don’t have an agenda. I will never vote to turn this place into an Air BnB. I just really care about this community and want to make sure this building is properly maintained.Thanks for your time, Lesli