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I have enjoyed this last year working with the other board members and residents of our community to keep our common areas maintained while working to find creative ways to keep our expenses down. We have such a beautiful community, and I always enjoy meeting with neighbors and learning about what your concerns and ideas are for our community. My wife and I bought our home here in 1990, and raised out 3 kids here. Heck, now I have 2 granddaughters. Time sure flies!We have made some great progress this year on asphalt and tot lot improvements, but we have more work to do. There was quite a bit of maintenance required to replace the pool heater and vents this year. It is especially important these days that we keep our HOA fees low, so we have spaced out the maintenance work over time to allow our reserve balances to replenish. I will continue to work to find ways we can reduce our recurring costs where possible such as smart sprinkler controllers, water wise landscaping and replacing street lighting with LED lights. As Treasurer this year, I have learned quite a bit about our cash reserves, expenses, and how the reserve study works. I have made it my goal to ensure that we as board members understand and review the amounts we have budgeted for maintenance expenses, and that we strive to stay within budget where possible.When I am not sailing, or hiking, or river rafting, I enjoy working in my garden and taking walks throughout our neighborhood. I would like to see more community events now that the social distancing restrictions have relaxed. A special thanks to those community members who volunteer their time for the Easter Egg hunt, and other community events. I look forward to meeting more of you soon.