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Thank you for your nomination. It’s been a productive year with relation to the needs of the community and I’m looking forward to another year of positive momentum moving forward. Just a couple bullet points of achievements this past year: The president and I were instrumental in securing a very high level knowledgeable HOA manager. We are so lucky to have this relationship. We’ve re-addressed the potential need for an assessment while continuing to work within the budget to lift as much financial responsibility as possible. We implemented a budget committee to review and make changes to make this happen. We also added another level of security to our financial software platform. Vendors are now being held accountable for the work they provide or not. Invoices are reviewed and approved accordingly to rectify any issues prior to payment or warranty expiration. Some responsibilities, such as lighting are now handled in-house as opposed to hiring a service that charges minimum fees just to show up. Walkthroughs are now being done on a very regular basis. This has allowed us to see problems that need to be addressed immediately. A tow company is being hired to address our guest parking. Thanks for your continued support. We are looking forward to 2023 Marlis