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My name is Marwan Elsidani, current board member. I have been a RSFV homeowner and resident for just over 22 years. I have found the experience quite interesting and challenging and want to continue. Being semi-retired I have the time to devote to the important business of the HOA and I am well qualified to do so with a BA in Business and Accounting and over 25 years as a professional in accounting, income tax, finance and real estate investment. Like you, I want to avoid any HOA financial surprises that could result in special assessments, wasteful expenditures and underfunding of reserves for needed future capital expenditures. I have learned that HOA Board management consists mainly of ensuring compliance to the very involved California Civil Code regulating HOAs, rules and regulations administration, landscape vendor oversight, properly budgeting, and prudent spending control. I am willing and able to help. I will truly appreciate your vote so I can continue to serve. Thank You.