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5 reasons to vote for me for your board of directors:1) I have been an owner at Copperhill since the complex was built.2) I have experience as a President of a HOA for 12 years which was for a 112 Single Family home area in Fremont where the value of the homes is 2.5+ million dollars3) I have been a realtor for 44 years in the SF Bay Area. Because of this I know the negative impact a special assessment will have on the value of units in the complex. The real estate market is in transition to a buyer’s market, as many of you know, due to higher interest rates, inflation costs and stocks falling in value. Adding a special assessment will only make the selling of condos at Copperhill much more difficult. Perhaps it is the right thing to do but NOW is not the time.4) When I purchased the unit, there was a plan in place for scheduled repairs using a Reserve Fund specification of funds in the budget. If this has been attended to, as prescribed review of the Reserve Fund every 3 years. My question: why are we off track? I want to find out why and get the community back on track.5) My strongest set of skills is getting things done, exploring options, negotiation and in the end, collaboration.I believe I bring the experience, expertise and abilities to help the community muscle our way through this unsettling time. We need a new set of eyes. and a new approach to old problems.Thanks for taking time to read my thoughts and if you agree, please vote for change.