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About Nicole Robinson… My name is Nicole Robinson and I would like to ask for your VOTE to represent East Garrison “Homeowner” Board. I moved to East Garrison in 2017. I work as an educator, administrator, fitness professional and wellness coach. I previously served on the Historic Heritage Commission as the Board Chairman and served as the Vice-Chairman on their Art and Culture Commission for the city of Gilroy in Santa Clara County. As former commission president, I have experience running a team of individuals to achieve a common goal. I am committed to motivating the board to brainstorm ideas, discuss solutions, and resolve our issues in the best interest of our community. When I purchased in East Garrison; my intention was to live here. My home was never intended to be a rental or investment property. Every day I live here, I want to be content with my home. I love the location, the community, and we have great homeowners. East Garrison is a great place to live and I want to ensure it remains this way. I will use my experience to ensure everyone’s opinion and issues are addressed and work to resolve them. In order for East Garrison to remain a wonderful place to live; the board members must work to ensure everyone’s voices are heard and address these key issues to a resolution. Without this simple act of consideration, we will lose our sense of community. My primary goals are to help the ongoing efforts to resolve the parking and landscaping issues. These central issues have gone on far too long. These matters need to be resolved quickly and efficiently. I also want to ensure we have an effective homeowner reporting and status tracking system and our HOA dues are being used for necessary projects and areas of concerns amongst the homeowners. Goals for the community: 1. Landscaping 2. Parking 3. Pursue an effective HOA company 4. Improve communication & responsiveness to homeowner requests 5. Stop wasteful spending of our HOA dues Why I’m running for board: When I first started attending our board meetings, it was very clear the board interest was keeping “the builder” happy and comfortable ignoring homeowners. Unfortunately, the board continues to operate in this fashion. Every time the board “vote” without homeowners’ input; they are doing our community a disservice. When I serving on the board in Santa Clara County before voting, we gave the community an opportunity to voice their opinion. This ensured we made decisions based on what the community desired. This board does not! Why are we allowing five people to solely make decisions for our community without our input? This madness has to STOP! When I asked the HOA BOARD why they never ask homeowners opinion, I was told “we will get to many opinions and we don’t want to go down that road.” I’m still appalled at that answer… This is why I am running. I want to know what the homeowners want so I can make the best decisions for our community. We are so close to having a “homeowner board,” but we can only do it by NOT re-electing those homeowners that vote without input from the community. Think about this when you vote?Why Nicole Robinson and not the other candidates? 1. I will work FOR and represent the homeowners in resolving landscaping and parking issues; and work to produce effective and timely resolution of homeowners reported problems 2. We need more efficient people on our board. I don’t how to be anything but efficient! I can help the few current board get things done in the interest of our community.