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Dear Orbela owners/residents, I ask for your support to run for the Orbela HOA board because I am concerned about hidden costs that may be surfacing in the future and affect all of us.  As a CPA, I do not like to be surprised in having to pay a one-time large fee or have the association fees increase by a lot because of neglect.  When I was the HOA president in 2012, keeping costs down while having quality maintenance to help the residents, was our priority.  We worked on simplifying and clarifying rules  to make life more pleasant for everyone.  We also wanted to see more interaction between the residents to make Orbela a community and not just a few houses sharing walls or streets. I want better communication and information sharing with publication of the minutes and newsworthy items via email and any other digital means available.  Informed people make better decisions and can voice their opinions more effectively. I also want to explore means of reducing our water usage and cost by looking at alternatives.  Change can be unsettling but in this case, we need to think about the future with an open mind. My goals are still to build a community so if you vote for me, you are also showing interest in caring about the Orbela community and I hope you desire to become more involved in what is going on.  Orbela can be as good as its owners and residents make it and this won’t happen without you.  Nothing would please me more than seeing the board meetings teeming with interested parties. Thank you. Parviz Riazi, CPA