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I am excited to volunteer to keep Snowshoe Springs the treasure it is! My family and I have been renters of cabins in the SSA for twenty years and have been owners for the last four. We rented and purchased in the SSA specifically because we liked the people we met and the feel of the neighborhood. Our family especially enjoys the lake to swim, fish and picnic. I have a thirty five-year career in aviation maintenance with the U.S. Navy and FedEx as a lead mechanic, maintenance manager, and communications specialist. My most recent focus at FedEx Aircraft Maintenance has been project management and team building across stakeholder departments. I became involved in the SSA as my family and I volunteered to paint and fix up a few of the common areas such as the little bridge and the beach platform by the lake. I recently replaced the roof of the lake changing room storage area with my daughter’s help. I began attending board meetings five months ago, and I was disheartened to see animosity and a lack of decision making that might affect the whole community. I am concerned about losing the specialness of our community and of possible legal violations that could diminish the value and increase costs of our dream cabin.
  • I am keenly interested in the balancing act of short- and long-term planning for the maintenance and upkeep of association property.
  • A goal is to be knowledgeable of State and Cal fire programs that help to protect property and keep member dues as low as possible.
  • The SSA bylaws have not been updated in many years and need to be brought up to the Davis Sterling Act that guides all California HOA’s. Updating the SSA bylaws would bring clarity to board members when making decisions.
  • If elected as a Board Member, it would be my focus to listen and communicate with fellow board members and residents, stay on-top of timely issues, and take care of and improve our wonderful community now and for the future.