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I am the immediate past president of our Association. I was honored to hold that position for 5.5 years during which I was able to get our new water distribution system designed and funded at extremely favorable terms from the USDA. I resigned from the board because, per our by-laws, I had been a member for more than six years. During the past year the board has shown no leadership, acomplished nothing of note and created a toxic environment. Those of you who have watched zoom meetings have seen almost nothing but 3 to 3 votes and outward hostility toward other board members by Danny O’Hara, Bill Freeman and Norm Homen. O’Hara and Freeman should not be elected. Homen should resign. A new board should be elected which will be collegial and productive. Board members are, by law, Fiduciaries. We desperately need a board, which will place the interests of Snowshoe Springs above those of their own, and, thereby, legally fullfil their fiduciary duties. I believe that an overriding purpose of the board is to maximize our considerable assets and optimize the value of our individual properties. I would ask that you read the Preamble to our governing documents. (It can be found on our website). The preamble is short and elegant in stating what Snowshoe Springs is all about, our purpose, ongoing values and especially, our spirit. Please vote for me and others who express interest in keeping our values, our traditions and spirit intact.