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I am Rick and I have been a homeowner in Orbela since 2008 when our community was being still being built. Over the years we have seen our community evolve as families have come and gone. For the most part, I think our community has remained a very nice place to live and raise a family. That said, there is always room for improvement so that we can make Orbela a safer and nicer place to live. There have been times that I catch people outside of our community enter to go through our trash cans for recycling items. While our area is maintained clean, we do have an issue with the parking lot between us and Victoria with loitering and littering. While I believe most of us are conscious of driving slowly on our streets, still children play in the streets carelessly putting them at risk. Efficient parking is another opportunity for improvement. I do not imply that all changes are easy or even possible due to City ordinances, etc. However, I do believe that making investments in the safety and appearance of our community is important and requires us to become creative on how we address the issues that naturally come up from time to time. It is my belief that every board member since day one has had the best interests of Orbela in mind and have worked to make our home better and safer. However, with the openings on the board, this is an opportunity for some new sets of eyes to come together and make our community a better place for all of us Orbelians.