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Hi Snowshoe Springs members my name is Rob Hart. I have previously spent two terms on the board and a couple of more years as your treasurer during the construction of the water system. My wife and i purchased our cabin in 2003 from my wife’s parents which they purchased in the late 1980’s. We sold our home in the valley and moved to Dorrington in 2016 after we retired. We love it here and it was our dream to be here full time. Our daughter grew up here and now our three grand kids love to come stay with Mimi and Papa at the cabin. Two of our nephews were married at the lake. So we have a lot of history with Snowshoe Springs I retired from a large sales-based corporation where i managed the logistics and purchasing departments with a strong understanding of budgets and finances. I believe my background makes me a good candidate for the board of Directors. I have a strong belief in upholding our fiduciary duties and ethics policy of SSA along with continued education for board members. If elected i would work with my fellow board members to implement working documents for the water system, maintenance schedule, exercising water valves and water testing for future boards reference. I would ask the board to make SSA a fire wise community which would lower our insurance rates. Bring back our annual membership meetings and BBQ. We would work to act on the lake inspection report to ensure many years of enjoyment for all of our family’s. I look forward to working with my fellow board members and will listen to the membership of SSA. I respectfully ask for your vote