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My name is Robbie, I’ve loved living here a long time. The last few years have been challenging for us all. Last year for personal/medical reasons I needed to take a step back. There are fine, caring people running-I would love the chance and be proud to work with them for a kind and fair community for all homeowners/tenants. We need and deserve a management company that knows what they’re doing. We’ve had 9 manager changes in the last 3 years. All they want to do is run meetings, set the budget—raise our dues. They shouldn’t be doing either. Do we need more money, probably. Let’s start by—stop buying things we don’t need. Paying for services we don’t get, then hiring outside companies to do management’s job. Are there still rules and regulations here? If not, that’s fine. Let us all know so everyone here can do what they want. Not just a chosen few. Be fair. Please go to the meetings. Make management and the board accountable. Bring your voice….and your smile.