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Dear East Garrison Residents, Thank you for taking the time to read my background information and consider me for one of the two HOA vacancies. I served two enlisted campaigns in Vietnam and was wounded in action. As a former Commissioned Officer (Infantry) at Fort Ord in the mid 80s, I understand the needs of our area and the short comings of it. It’s then, my purpose to serve you with the same enthusiasm and commitment as I served the military. My educational background is Business Administration and Law. Therefore, I am very interested in the inner workings of our community: checks and balances, contracts, regulations and interactions with local authorities and other agencies. One of my primary goals as an HOA representative is resident safety. My experience as Safety Specialist and Street Supervisor for the US Postal Service gave me the necessary skills to effectively identify and correct unsafe situations such as some of the ones we face in our community. After, I became a Finance Auditor in charge of accurate stock and cash for multiple stations , which will help contribute to keep the East Garrison financial operations transparent. Later, in my role as Customer Relations Representative, I was responsible for costumer complaints and resolutions. I developed the ability to listen and resolve conflicts with my team. I was frequently called by the US Postal Inspection Service to respond to facility break ins, and did a three month observation on a rural facility, where the children of migrant workers were mistreated. All the skills I acquired and developed at the Postal Service gave the ability to pay attention to detail, work in teams and be sympathetic with costumers so I can effectively deliver solutions to multiple issues. I have no connections with any of the East Garrison contractors, builders or contract holders (past or present), so I am free of any special interest groups and will put home owners needs first. Respectfully, Robert Boshears.