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My name is Shar Kavossi. I have a degree in Business management and I have Relator Lic for over 20 years. I am extremely concerned about how our HOA running our community. We need people who like to work and make things happen,it is a new age and we need to have more go-getters in our board. This is our investment and we need qualify people on the Board. We have lots of issue as, breaking in, homeless and over spending on unnecessary things. We have same board members for a long time and we need to make it fresh and bring back our community to a better place to live. When you ask about our community, everyone says, not a good area to live, because of homeless and insecurity. We need to bring back respect and safety for all of us. This is not an individual job but we need more educated group to work together and make things happen. We need to be united.