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I have been encouraged to stand as a Board member because I want to ensure that there is transparency, accountability and fair play. Board members should act in the best interest of the members, and in accordance with the Rules. I believe that the Board should act in an open and transparent manner. I feel that I can assist with ensuring that the Board upholds these principles more closely than it has done recently. For example, I have been surprised by the amount of time spent in Board meetings discussing whether members are allowed to speak. The right for members to speak at Board meetings is enshrined in law – there is no room for debate on this matter. I have been heartened that some Board members have spoken up vociferously on this matter, but these are Board discussions that should not happen. More recently, by happenstance I became aware that the Board had exceeded the 2021 Woodmark legal budget by well over ten-fold (at least $30K). No safeguards were present to control such expenditure. Following my advocacy, oversight and monitoring have now been put in place. My family and I have lived at the Woodmark for many years. I have served on the Architectural Review Committee. I would be grateful for your vote. I would also encourage you to participate in Board meetings and, I daresay, speak up! P.S. Your rights as a member are set out in a number of sources including the Woodmark CC&Rs and the Davis Stirling Act. Personally, I have found the 2022 Condominium Bluebook (a complete legal guide to living in a homeowners association in California) very informative.