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My name is Susan Spaner and I am currently the Portobello HOA Board Treasurer. I am pleased to announce I am a candidate for the upcoming board elections. As Board Treasurer I have been involved in created the annual HOA budget, reviewing monthly financial statements, approving invoices and reviewing proposals. As new board members are elected I would like to use my experience with our finances to teach new members about Portobello finances and continue to work on improving our financial situation. As a long time Portobello owner I have seen much happen at Portobello, both good and bad and I feel that we are moving ahead to improve our property and our financial situation. During the last few difficult years the current board has worked hard and made much progress toward completing community improvements; increased security measures, new garage lighting, elevator cab improvements, upgrading the gym and equipment and pool landscaping to name a few. I think we are moving in the right direction and if elected to the new board, I will continue with positive improvements to our property and work with the board and the community to make Portobello the gem that it can be.Thank you, Susan Spaner