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I am Suzanne Kolodzie, a current board member and have lived at Main Chance for twenty years. As a member of the Board, I have sought to work cooperatively with other Board members, the management team and owners to maintain and improve our community. I see our primary responsibilities as managing and overseeing the budget, listening to owner’s input and concerns, implementing needed improvements and resolving disputes. One of the most difficult parts of the job is to moderate the competing interests of our large membership. I am always open to hearing owner’s ideas and try to be as responsive as possible. As an Architect, I am particularly interested in issues related to our infrastructure and am a member of our Architectural Review Committee. In order to facilitate quicker responses, we have started to streamline the approval process between meetings for straightforward issues. Our community’s extensive mature landscaping is one of our most appealing assets which I am very dedicated to maintaining and improving as much as possible under drought conditions. In going forward, I am excited about how we can carefully implement new features such as electric car charging stations, more exterior lighting, etc. to keep our community updated. I look forward to serving as an open-minded member dedicated to the welfare of our community.