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Dear neighborsThis is Tim (Tianwen XU). I have lived in San Francisco Bay Area for more than ten years and I moved to our community in March 2021. After four years college and three years law school in China, I came to US for American legal education in July 2012. Now, I am a lawyer who is licensed to practice law in California, New York State, Washington D.C. and China. I am specialized in international transaction and corporate law.As to this election, first of all, I want to say sincere “thank you” to the current board members. Thank you for your contribution to our community. I really appreciate it. I participate this election because of the following reasons: 1, I want to make sure the homeowners’ money is used wisely. As we know, the HOA fee will be increased sharply. I disagree with this proposal since I believe we can reduce the budget by avoiding waste of the homeowners’ money. For example, I think cutting the bushes and trees and then planting new bushes is NOT necessary. I know some people think it makes our community more beautiful, however, I think reducing the budget is more important. It’s Copper Hill – neither White House nor Palace of Versailles. 2, I want to make sure our community is quiet and enjoyable. Disturbing noise is not acceptable.Thank you so much for spending time to read my statement. I really appreciate it. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My email address is: All of the emails I receive will be replied within seventy-two hours and I am looking forward to making appointments to meet you in person.Best Regards Tim (Tianwen XU) Attorney Licensed to practice law in California – State bar number: 331505 Licensed to practice law in New York State – Registration number: 5362785 Licensed to practice law in Washington D.C. – Bar number: 1737905 Licensed to practice law in China – License number: 13101202210493107