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My name is Tim Jones and I am running for an ALPHA’s director seat. I have lived in Lilac Park for nearly 19 years. Tina and our children, Meghan & Courtney, worked for the HOA as pool attendants from 2009-2018. I work for a general contractor as a site manager and heavy equipment operator. I hope to bring my construction knowledge & skills to work for our small community. I have built play structures, concrete pads, and new bathrooms for Pinebrook and Lake Mont Pines’ HOAs. And, unfortunately, our common area needs repairs and improvements. The roof shingles are falling off, the pool decking is cracked, and the playground equipment is outdated and unsafe. Initially, I will begin by implementing a monthly safety inspection with maintenance and repair recommendations. A vote for me will lower our liability risk by making the common area safer and even more enjoyable. Plus, with my continued support for our grant efforts, I will strive to keep our families, friends, and properties safer. For a small, simple, smart, and safe HOA, please vote for me. Thank you!