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I have lived in Lake Arrowhead for 27 years as a full time resident and for the past 9 years as an owner in Meadow Bay North and a resident in Redlands. We love coming to the lake as it is only 40 minutes door to door! After selling my general insurance agency in 1986 in Ventura I moved to Lake Arrowhead, keeping 20 church clients to ‘start a new life’. I’m the Founder of ChurchWest Insurance Services specializing in writing insurance for over 4000 churches, schools, seminaries, colleges and universities. I was a member of Lake Arrowhead Rotary, joining in 1986 and still a member of Redlands Rotary Club. My job was heading up highway clean up and being the organizer of the pontoon boats that ferry people from the McDonalds Dock to Tavern Bay for the Rotary Art and Wine Festival. I continue to serve on the Museum of Redlands Board of Directors, YMCA board and others. I’ve been active in participating in the MBN insurance program, serving as an advisor to many of the residents of MBN. I’m excited that we’ve provided a way for all homeowners to have the proper protection through these changes. I ask for your support to serve on your board.