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BACKGROUND:I love our patch of paradise in Tustin and it has been a great honor to have served on the Venturanza Board in previous years. My wife and I are original owners having moved to Venturanza in 1991 from the mid-west. I own a boutique law corporation that has offices in Irvine. Prior to private practice I worked in the financial services industry. I have an MBA from Pepperdine University.VISION AND GOALS FOR THE ASSOCIATION:1. To carefully manage our operating expenses and to replenish our vastly depleted reserves. 2. To stay current with our never-ending maintenance programs. 3. To build a friendly and safe community and to include as many members as possible in our neighborhood decision-making process. 4. To improve our relationship with our neighboring community, Tustin Del Verde. 5. To carefully monitor the rental units in our community to insure full compliance with our CC&R’s and to prevent Vbro/Airbnb type rentals. 6. To work with Patrol Masters to monitor the parking management in our community. 7. To work closely with Kimber Nold and Kim-Marie Bryant of Certified HOA Management, Inc., our awesome community managers.PLEASE VOTE EVEN IF YOU DO NOT VOTE FOR ME!