[Video] HOA Elections & the Role of an Inspector of Elections

Pro Elections CEO Abigail Padou was invited to be the featured speaker at an ECHO educational event, “HOA Elections & Understanding the Role of an Inspector of Elections.”

During the presentation, Abigail Padou explains the HOA election process required by the Davis-Stirling Act and California regulations. She discusses election timelines, the ingredients for a successful election, and common pitfalls to avoid. She describes the role and duties of an Inspector of Elections and what it means to be an Independent Third Party. She includes information on topics that candidates, board members and homeowners have the most questions about, such as the steps in the election process, election by acclamation, proxies and quorum. She also offers helpful advice on what steps an HOA can take to have smoother, cheaper elections. The video contains slightly less than 5 minutes of preliminaries before the presentation starts, so feel free to skip straight to the beginning. If you have additional questions about HOA elections or the requirements of the Davis-Stirling Act after viewing the presentation, please send an email to Pro Elections at [email protected]. ECHO is the Educational Community for HOA Homeowners.