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How to Choose An Inspector of Elections

Inspectors of Elections may all look the same from the outside, but there are actually important differences between them. Here are some things to look for: (1) Are they experienced with California HOA elections? (2) Is their proposal all-inclusive for all the HOA Election Services you need, or are there extra charges for postage, online nominations, ballot reminders, and rescheduling the meeting if quorum is not met? (3) Can you reach them easily by phone and email? (4) Are they responsive to your questions? (5) Do they provide a detailed timeline of all the election activities and the services they will be delivering? (6) is their proposal crystal clear, so you understand exactly what you will be paying for? (7) Do they have excellent references that can speak to their track record? Taking a little extra time upfront to evaluate election service providers using these criteria will pay off big dividends during the election process. Above all, you want your election to be smooth, accurate, hassle-free and challenge-free. Please take some time exploring our website and calling or emailing with questions. We are always happy to talk one-on-one with our clients and prospective customers.