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New Legislation

Professional Election Inspectors

All California HOAs must comply with AB 3182 by December 31, 2021. This will require updating HOA governing documents if they conflict with any provisions of AB 3182. Scroll down for our services.

AB 3182 requires that:

  • Rentals may not be limited to less than 25% of units in the association.
  • Rental terms cannot be required to be longer than 30 days.
  • Owner-occupied properties cannot count toward a rental cap when the owner has a rental on the property.
  • Rentals may not be unreasonably restricted.
  • Click here for the complete text of AB 3182.

AB 3182 & the Services of Pro Elections LLC

No legal fees required!
Pro Elections LLC provides HOAs with the necessary documentation to update their governing documents to comply with AB 3182.
We include these services with our HOA election inspections at no additional cost thanks to our in-house counsel, which has more than 15 years’ experience and ensures that Pro-Ei delivers results that comply with CA regulations and HOA governing documents. Unlike law firms, Pro-Ei doesn’t need to charge a fortune!

Our AB 3182 Election Services for HOAs:

  1. Pro-Ei reviews the HOA governing documents to identify provisions that conflict with AB 3182.
  2. Pro-Ei prepares the necessary amendments to bring the governing documents into compliance with AB 3182 and gives the text to the HOA board for review.
  3. Pro-Ei provides the HOA board with a letter to owners that explains the amendments.
  4. Pro-Ei provides the HOA board with the text of the resolution that owners will need to pass to update the governing documents.
  5. Pro-Ei conducts an election to approve the amendments to the governing documents.

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