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Professional Election Inspectors

Accurate | Reliable | Compliant | Hassle-Free California HOA Elections

Pro Elections LLC is an HOA election company that specializes in HOA election services and serving as Inspectors of Elections for homeowner associations throughout California. Our Inspectors of Elections have a track record of successfully handling every aspect of HOA election logistics, from the call for nominations to the ballot-counting and election certification.

What Our Clients Say

“Thank you so much Professional Election Inspectors for conducting our vote. We truly appreciate your professionalism.” – Kelly B., Board President

“Pro-Ei goes above and beyond, and my office has nothing but great things to say!” – Keree R., HOA Manager

“Pro-Ei rocks! Thank you.” – Jaycee D., HOA Manager

“Whew! Am I ever so thankful we have Professional Election Inspectors!” – Michelle Kuffler, Snowshoe Springs Association Manager

A Team of Professionals

OUR INSPECTORS OF ELECTIONS are prepared to make your HOA election run smoothly and in compliance with the latest regulations and your HOA’s governing documents.

OUR TEAM includes in-house legal counsel with more than 15 years’ experience and with deep knowledge of California statutes and regulations that govern HOA elections.

California HOA Election Inspectors
Chaz Danielson

Chaz Danielson

Grace Church

Grace Church


Michael Murray

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