What Is Cumulative Voting?

Cumulative voting is a voting method often used in board elections of California homeowner associations. With cumulative voting, each member of the HOA may cast all of their votes for one candidate...

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How Does HOA Voting in California Work?

Homeowner Association (HOA) voting in California is typically governed by the HOA’s bylaws and state law. Here are some general guidelines: The secret ballot process described in the Davis-Stirling...

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We Have a New Name and Logo

We changed our name from "Professional Election Inspectors" to the shorter "Pro Elections LLC."  We also created a new logo, to create a more professional look and feel for our business. A website...

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How to Find An HOA Election Inspector

Pursuant to new laws in the State of California, Civil Code §5110(b), homeowner associations (HOAs) are now required to hire 3rd party inspectors for board elections. These HOA election inspectors...

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Why Do HOA Board Elections Take So Long?

The primary reason why HOA board elections take so long is because of certain requirements mandated by SB 323, which went into effect in January 2020. Among other requirements, SB 323 added the...

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